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Best Practices for Roundabouts on State Highways

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  • Day, Christopher M. (Author)
  • Hainen, Alexander M. (Author)
  • Bullock, Darcy M. (Author)
Transportation : General
Purdue University Press
Joint Transportation Research Program
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This report presents a series of researc more ...
This report presents a series of research findings from an investigation into roundabout operations. This includes a comparison of several analysis tools for estimating roundabout performance (the Highway Capacity Manual, SIDRA, ARCADY, VISSIM, and SimTraffic); a measurement of rejected headways for the purpose of analyzing critical headway; a review of roundabout lighting practices; and a review of considerations for roundabout site selection. It was found that VISSIM and SIDRA provided the most reliable predictions of roundabout performance for the test site analyzed herein. Additionally, the critical headways measured at this site were significantly lower (at a median value of 2.2 seconds) than other values published in the literature, with driving populations less acquainted with roundabouts. Additionally, a site selection procedure is developed based on a survey of peer agency practices and a checklist is provided for assisting in the determination of whether roundabout control is a feasible alternative for a location. Finally, based upon a review of the literature and practices commonly followed by peer states, we recommend that roundabouts be lighted.
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