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Understanding the Impact of Indot Projects on Automotive Industry Cluster Logistics Costs: A Case Study of the Honda Plant

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  • Iyer, Ananth (Author)
  • Partridge, Barry K. (Author)
  • Pilotte, Mary (Author)
Transportation : General
Purdue University Press
Joint Transportation Research Program
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This study focuses on understanding the more ...
This study focuses on understanding the impact of INDOT projects on the Honda, Greensburg plant's supply chain. The goal of the study was the following: (a) Identify approaches for INDOT to be an active partner in facilitating supply chain effectiveness. (b) Maximize the economic impact of INDOT projects on the Honda affiliated automotive Cluster in South Central Indiana. (c) Create a framework for INDOT to utilize in the future, when prospective economic partners are in discussions with the state. This study was ongoing in 2007-2008, thus many of the decisions regarding Honda's supply chain required identification of possible future evolutions of the yet developed supply chain. As part of this study, we mapped out the existing supply chain to Honda's plants in Ohio and Toyota's plant in Indiana. Approximately 51 managers including Honda officials, competing OEM locations, academic publications, supply chain participants, economic development officials, INDOT personnel and consultants were interviewed to develop a fact base and for research input. We also obtained data regarding planned "Major Moves" projects already approved and in the region of interest. Finally, we developed strategic choices and grouped associated projects into strategic bundles that could be used by INDOT to better understand their link to Honda's supply chain competitiveness in Indiana.
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