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Assessment of Axially-Loaded Pile Dynamic Design Methods and Review of Indot Axially-Loaded Pile Design Procedure

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  • Loukidis, Dimitrios (Author)
  • Salgado, Rodrigo (Author)
  • Abou-Jaoude, Grace (Author)
Transportation : General
Purdue University Press
Joint Transportation Research Program
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The general aim of the present research more ...
The general aim of the present research is to identify areas of improvement and propose changes in the current methodologies followed by INDOT for design of axially loaded piles, with special focus on the dynamic analysis of pile driving. Interviews with INDOT geotechnical engineers and private geotechnical consultants frequently involved in INDOT's deep foundation projects provided information on the methods and software currently employed. It was found that geotechnical engineers rely on static unit soil resistance equations that were developed over twenty years ago and that have a relatively large degree of empiricism. Updated and improved static design equations recently proposed in the literature have not yet been implemented in practice. Pile design relies predominantly on SPT data; cone penetration testing is performed only occasionally. Dynamic analysis of pile driving in standard practice is performed using Smith-type soil reaction models. A comprehensive review of existing soil reaction models for 1-dimensional dynamic pile analysis is presented. This review allowed an assessment of the validity of existing models and identification of their limitations. New shaft and base reaction models are developed that overcome shortcomings of existing models and that are consistent with the physics and mechanics of pile driving.
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