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Identification and Implementation of Best Management Practices for Erosion and Sediment Control That Conform to Indiana Storm Water Quality Regulations and Guidance

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Corson, Lynn A. (Joint Author)
Transportation : General
Purdue University Press
Joint Transportation Research Program
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The study identifies the best management more ...
The study identifies the best management practices (BMPs) for erosion and sediment control that conform to Indiana storm water quality regulations and the Indiana Storm Water Quality Manual. Recommendations are made for modification of the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) Standard Specifications and other documents, consistent with the proposed BMPs. The INDOT NPDES storm water permit application, originally prepared in September 2003 and submitted to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, was to have been revised and resubmitted during this study period, but was not. The study, instead, focuses on INDOT storm water quality issues attendant to the revision and makes recommendations for addressing these issues. Recommendations are made for the organization and content of an erosion and sediment control certification and training program for INDOT and contractor personnel. The Kentucky Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Field Guide was modified, with the approval of the Kentucky authors/publishers, for use as an Indiana field guide.
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