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Dear Miss Schneider, Please Excuse Walter...

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Mitchell, Linda Schilling (Author)
Biography & Autobiography : Personal Memoirs
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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"Dear Miss Schneider, Please Excuse Walt more ...
"Dear Miss Schneider, Please Excuse Walter..." takes you on a journey using a variety of notes written during the great depression years of 1937-1940 as stepping stones.

It was during those years in Newport, Kentucky, that third grade teacher Miss Schneider began collecting the written excuses the mothers of her students sent in as to why their children were absent from school. These humble, heartfelt and sometimes humorous notes have been cloistered in a scrapbook for more than seventy years.

Enjoy as well, the history of Miss Schneider's life as pages of photographs and memorabilia guide you through the years.

It was a lifetime ago. Their story has been waiting to be told.

Linda Schilling Mitchell is the daughter of Victoria Schneider of "Dear Miss Schneider, Please Excuse Walter..."

Born in the northern Kentucky town of Covington, she has spent 99% of her life in Florida. She enjoys warm weather, the sights and sounds of the ocean and anything and everything to do with her family. Especially her role as "G-mo" to granddaughters Lydia and Abby.

She has now retired to northeast Florida with her husband Jim.
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