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Russo, Rusty (Author)
Biography & Autobiography : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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My book is an autobiography about surviv more ...
My book is an autobiography about surviving cancer, three times, over the course of sixteen years. As the author of the book, I describe the trials and tribulations of having cancer, and how I fought the battle with the help of my family and friends. The book is not all gloom and doom; it is humorous, as well. Some of the events help to keep it upbeat and positive. The book's ending is inspirational because of its Rocky/Karate Kid ending. I am confident that anyone who reads this story and has cancer, or is close to someone that has cancer, will find that the story will help him/her through the turmoil, in a positive way.

How I evolved from cancer patient to cancer survivor is the crux of my book. I decided not to take my diagnosis as a death sentence, but instead, as a bridge to a new way of life. I set positive goals for myself and created a healthy environment for my body and mind to thrive in. While convalescing, for many months at home, I became a certified personal trainer, and have dedicated myself to showing others how to do the same. I began a cancer survivors training class, and help people from age 30 to 74 reprogram their minds for success. My amazing life and battle with this insidious disease set me on a path of healing that I have been called to share with others. The culmination of this book is a personal triumph that all who struggle with illness will be able to relate to. The reading audience will find that its emotions run the gamut of happiness, sorrow, horror and amazement, while living my life with me.
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