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I Love Myself

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  • Batsidis, Georgia (Author)
  • Ruddy, Margaret E. (Author)
Juvenile Fiction : Social Issues - Emotions & Feelings
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Divine White Light Publishing
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<p>I Love Myself takes you on t more ...

<p>I Love Myself takes you on the exciting journey of three children to a faraway land.  During their adventure, they experience many different challenges and emotions.  They come to learn that anger and bad feelings bring on sad happenings.  When they change these feelings to love and joy, good things begin to happen.  As they begin to feel happiness, they feel good about themselves.</p>

<p>They come to realize that everything is love; everyone, animals, fish, insects, trees, plants, lakes and oceans, and the planet Earth itself.</p>


<p>The authors of Love Me, Love Me Not: Your Free Will Choice of Unconditional Love have brought the message of unconditional love to children in their book, I Love Myself.  These books enable happiness and acceptance of self and others.</p>

<p>Georgia Batsidis, a highly successful entrepreneur, has been blessed, from an early age, with the gift of understanding unconditional love. She is a national and international certified hypnotist, spiritual counselor, lecturer, and published author.</p>

<p>Margaret E. Ruddy, a retired attorney, is also a motivational speaker, published author, poet, artist, and sculptress. She has lectured with Georgia spreading the understanding of unconditional love. </p>

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