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If Not Joy Now, Then When?

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  • Hadley, Barbara (Author)
  • Stultz, Fred (Author)
Self-Help : Personal Growth - Happiness
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Who are you? Do you want more joy in more ...
Who are you? Do you want more joy in your life? What stops you? If Not Joy Now, Then When? provides the reader with a new approach called Dis-covering to Be Me. Expect the unexpected. Life is messy. Change is going to happen. It is possible to take steps to live a life you want,to discover inner joy, and to establish truly meaningful relationships. Barbara Hadley and Fred Stultz have been working together for eight years counseling and teaching. They have professionally used their skills in discovering how change can be used as an opportunity for growth. They encourage people to have their own special toolbox that they can utilize to live a more joyful life. Doing so leads to greater levels of personal satisfaction and vibrant relationships. Fred and Barbara believe that it is possible to experience more joy in life. After leaving the security of university jobs, they took a big risk and opened their own counseling practice. Through their personal experiences and by being aware of their clientʼsexperiences, they understood that people can confront change and embrace greater joy by discovering their inner Unbridled Me.
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