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Love, Bill: Finding My Father through Letters from World War II

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Krulick-Belin, Jan (Author)
  • Biography & Autobiography : Personal Memoirs
  • History : Military - World War II
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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"There's a bit of everyone's family i more ...

"There's a bit of everyone's family in this moving and heartwarming journey. I know that Janet has been hungering to write this story her whole life, and I'm happy to report: she done good!"

-Paul Reiser, Actor, Author, and Comedian

"Seemingly ordinary, yet eloquent love letters sent to a GI's future wife during wartime, proved to be a never-imagined godsend for their yet-to-be-born daughter. Not only did they lead Jan on a quest to bond with the father she lost at a young age, but they offer us a deeper insight into every soldier's struggle amidst the chaos of war to hold on to his dream of returning to the life and loves he left behind. It's a story that captured my heart... a marvelous work."

-Captain Louis Matjasko, USN Retired;

Executive Director, Circle of Change Veterans Dog Program

"Identity and memory are the universal themes that bind human experience and fuel the quest to understand the past from a very personal perspective. Being able to touch actual artifacts that are precious family heirlooms, gives meaning to our very existence as daughters and sons, as witnesses to history, and as human beings. They give us unexpected road maps that reveal not just the greater geographical world around us, but the hidden chambers within our own hearts. A box of letters inspired Krulick-Belin to bravely embark upon this journey of longing. Using her keen curatorial eye and art historian's sleuthing abilities, she discovered the father she barely knew, and in turn, her own place in the world. We are privileged to travel alongside her on this odyssey she so generously shares."

-Marissa Roth, Pulitzer Prize winning Photojournalist,

Documentary Photographer (One Person Crying: Women and War), and Writer.

"Krulick-Belin does an impressive job of placing her father's experiences in North Africa, a theatre of WWII that is little known or understood, in historical perspective. In addition, she helps shine a spotlight on her father's Jewish identity as a U.S. soldier serving in North Africa and the Mediterranean, his contacts with the local Jewish populations, and his desire to enlist in the struggle against Nazi Germany despite his age. An interesting work about a daughter's discovery of both her father as well as her own heritage."

-Lawrence Bell, Executive Director, Arizona Jewish Historical Society

"Jan researched the history, culture, and religions of North Africa, while looking through a very personal lens to rediscover her father. She tells a compelling story particularly for those interested in the North African campaign of World War II, and those interested in the Moroccan Jewish community."

-Robert J. Silverman, U.S. Director of Muslim-Jewish Relations,

American Jewish Committee; Former Senior Foreign Service Officer, U.S. Department of State

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