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Bergsgaard, L. D. (Author)
Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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What happens when three small town pasto more ...
What happens when three small town pastors scheme to straighten out their problem parishioners-permanently?
Who is the dastardly coward leaving threatening notes ordering Pastor Tammy to leave town or face the disclosure of a destructive personal secret?
How might Father Gallo be freed from the Widow LeBlanc's unforgiving fetters to launch his journey to Rome to solve the mysteries of the apparition at Fatima?
Will Clayton Johansson's publication of uncensored and compromising photographs of Pastor Kathy force her from the pulpit at Grace Lutheran Church?
Such are the disasters confronted by the clergy of Pelican Falls, Minnesota, a quaint village of mostly second generation Norwegians, located halfway between Sinclair Lewis' Gopher Prairie and the Cohen Brothers' Fargo.
On a snowy Halloween Eve, during a sweat lodge ceremony, the three disheartened clergy form an unlikely alliance with an Ojibwa shaman to battle their foes outside the fog lines of religious ordinance.
L.D. Bergsgaard spent his boyhood years in Mandan, North Dakota, a town steeped in the history of General George Custer and which declares itself as Where the West Began. L.D. and the neighborhood gang, before that was a dangerous noun, spent unfettered days of play and exploration, not only of their small world but of each other.
L.D. Bergsgaard retired as a Special Agent after nearly thirty years in law enforcement and currently resides in Minnesota and Arizona with his wife of forty years, Donna. They share their home with a one eyed Pug named the same, Gunner, the world's best dog, and a buckskin mare named Ruby, all abandoned by their lovely daughters, Kate and Anne.
L.D. Bergsgaard is the author of the Doc Martini series, Next Year in Jerusalem, While Others Sleep , Circumstances and Rumors .
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