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The Family Business

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Omari Sr., (Author)
Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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The Family Business Two young sib more ...
The Family Business
Two young siblings, Supreme, and Ryheem, team up with their cousin Derrick, and the three masterminds take on some of the most difficult heist ever. Later when they get some inside help from women they meet, and eventually fall in love with, they all become one happy family, that's until a old mob boss finds out about their big scores, and tries to extort them, which turns into a extreme war, from shooting up, and burning down houses, to kidnapping pregnant woman, and holding them for ransom. But when disloyalty is revealed in the family, it's a real big problem for everybody, and how that problem is resolved will affect their family for generations, as they continue living the family Legacy in part two, and three.
My name is Omari Crump Sr., and I started writing fiction books in 2003, two years before I got a degree in English: Fiction Writing. I really enjoy writing, every new book is like a new adventure, where I create my own world, with characters to like, love, and hate. Strong plots with twist and turns, but I can never really put a genre on my books, because they all have romance, drama, action, and suspense. My next upcoming fictions, "The Family Business" part 2&3, and "Kadesha Next Boss Up" part 1&2, just a few of several great books I've written over the years, and I got many more classic material coming, so get tuned in, and I bet you won't stop turning the pages!
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