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JAWS, (Author)
Fiction : Thrillers
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Pharafaneelya is about an asylum that more ...

Pharafaneelya is about an asylum that consume people souls, by using their most prize possessions against them. In protecting such loved possessions, they end up committing some of the most horrific crimes. These crimes lead to their souls becoming trapped in the limbo of an asylum lost in the void—a special asylum that captures the unlucky souls of the forgotten.
Pharafaneelya takes you into a place of several symbolic mirrors in several chapters—some mirrors are shattered, cold, and pitch-black. These mirrors and doors only accept fresh dead victims. The young victim in Pharafaneelya is an unlucky teenager girl. She’s a girl whose life has been bent and broken by false mirrors of guidance and lost love. With her virtue taken and forgotten and soul destroyed, she becomes a resident of the asylum of Pharafaneelya, to be consumed and integrated into it due to her heinous crimes committed towards her own family. She’s doomed to be turn into Watchmen to forever serve the asylum. She’s caught forever in a looping fragmented dream world of dreams, dreams which are forever monitored by prying eyes.
Just when you think you know what’s coming next, you get thrown a sharp curve, so prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of a ride.
Look for Weirdens Black Book, The first serious to this book, Pharafaneelya.
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Writing books enables me to tell fiction stories in shattered mirrors—mirrors that may have passed through some unlucky soul once and live to tell about it. There’s a positive message in all the stories, and I hope the readers can find it through all the insanity and emotion of the book. Ultimately, having readers that like your creativity and your twisted style of the writing, is enough one could ask for. One can only hope to keep the eager readers neurons firing and their attention glued to the whole story, captured by the shockers in each special chapter—capturing and keeping—the reader a part of the story. I truly want to create books that readers, can, read a long with each other and have fun doing it.

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