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Animal Wisdom for Mankind

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Hayman, Dawn E. (Author)
Nature : Animals - General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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<p>Dawn Hayman’s decades more ...

<p>Dawn Hayman’s decades of experience in interspecies communication aided in moving the field from its infancy to a profession. She started doing consultations in 1987 and has consulted with more than 8,000 clients, helping 50,000 animals express themselves. The foundation of Spring Farm CARES in 1991 added to Dawn’s responsibilities, as she oversees and guides the welfare of 250 to 280 animals in residence at any point in time.</p>


Dawn also has taught introductory and advanced Animal Communication, and workshops on understanding and enhancing connections with our animals. In her most recent seminar, Embracing Spirit/Embracing Life, she focuses on life, death, and dying, and our connection to Spirit. This is Dawn’s second book.</p>



<p> Animals’ love and acceptance for humans is well-documented, as is the joy and stress relief they bring to our lives. But, until now, the inherent wisdom animals possess has been locked inside of them, unable to be understood by most people.</p>

<p>Fortunately, author Dawn Hayman is here to help. Dawn’s experience as one of the early pioneers in interspecies communication lent her the knowledge and understanding necessary to effectively communicate with tens of thousands of animals, culminating in her co-founding Spring Farm CARES, an animal and nature sanctuary. She serves as its vice president, overseeing the care of hundreds of small and large domestic animals.</p>

<p>Dawn’s ability to communicate with animals led her to put to paper the knowledge they possess, knowledge that can benefit all humans, whether they’re animal lovers or not.</p>

<p>Animal Wisdom for Mankind is a fascinating look into the minds of animals, led by the loquacious Amber, a donkey with insight into the lives of humans and animals that she’s only too happy to share. Amber and her friends at Spring Farm CARES are willing to give humans answers to the questions that haunt them, but are the humans willing to listen?</p>

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