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J Mac is the Freestyle King!

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  • Thomas, Terri (Author)
  • Sefcik, Wendy (Illustrator)
Juvenile Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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J Mac loves basketball, books and hangin more ...
J Mac loves basketball, books and hanging out with his close friends but it's his self-proclaimed title as the Freestyle King that has his school mates and the people in the small town of Conroe making fun of him. J Mac decides that his passion for music is worth standing up for and he becomes determined to prove once and for all to himself and everyone else that he is indeed the real Freestyle King.

Terri Thomas is an author, motivational speaker and successful Radio Personality and Program Director based in Houston, Texas. Terri is hard wired with a creative spirit and a zest for helping people realize their full potential in life. She's passionate about writing, music, photography, pets, shoes, and her close friends and family. She's hoping that her books inspire children to believe that anything is possible and to realize that we are only limited by the limitations we set on ourselves. For more info visit

Wendy Lynn Sefcik is an illustrator/designer, owner of Broken Box Designs, LLC. She's addicted to artsy things and obsessed with color! From childhood scribbles, to doodles in grade school, through on the job training after college, she is an experienced artist. Gratefully, she loves her job! Wendy lives in Northeastern, Ohio with her husband (Scott) and kitty (Luigi). She's the middle child of five "Dister Sisters," and loves to spend time with family. She's a runner and tennis player. Also loves to shop, cook, sip coffee, decorate, travel and cherish the simple moments in life. For more info visit!
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