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The Adventures of Itsy Bitsy Franny Frog: I like what I can do when I try!

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Coccia, PhD (Author)
Juvenile Nonfiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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This first adventure of the Itsy Bitsy F more ...
This first adventure of the Itsy Bitsy Franny Frog series is about the life of an itsy bitsy frog that has a humble dream. She imagines herself floating and sunbathing on a lily pad in her lily pond. The problem is her dream may be shattered because she seems to have misplaced a belief in her natural talents. (Don't frogs jump? Don't frogs swim?) And without these, how can she make her wishes and desires come true? Nevertheless, Franny is a spunky little frog, and with a few creative tries, a little bit of persistence, a helping hand, and the courage to rise above her fears, she learns that to be good at something requires self-belief, positive thinking, and determination. In her story for children ages 4-8, the author identifies with the little child who is often held back and is vulnerable due to self-limiting thoughts, worries, and anxiety. She knows that a child like this may never realize his or her potential. So the author writes with gentle encouragement, telling all children that anything is possible if they can only believe and if they will only just try!
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