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Pioneers in Paradise: A Historical and Biographical Record of Early Days in Three Rivers, California 1850s to 1950s

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Britten, Sophie (Author)
History : United States - State & Local - West
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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This book tells the hundred-year history more ...
This book tells the hundred-year history of Three Rivers, 1850s to the 1950s. Three Rivers has always been a special place; one of rolling wooded hills, nestled close to the high mountains; those mountains feed the rivers that give the place its name. It was an ideal place for the pioneers of this story to settle.
The book is divided into two basic parts: the first tells the story of events and places; it tells what life was like for those hardy souls who homesteaded in these hills. The second part relates stories and histories about individual people and their families - when they came to Three Rivers - when they arrived, and how their lives and the lives of their families were impacted by living here. Did they thrive? Did they go elsewhere to search for their dream? The author has endeavored to answer these questions.

Sophie Britten has a rich background and a deep appreciation for the history of Three Rivers and the surrounding mountain areas. She is the third generation of her family to have deep roots in the foothills and mountains. Those roots go back to the 1800s and include cattle ranching, stock packing, as well as very early citrus farming.
Her writing credits include family histories and several published manuscripts. Now that she has retired from the ranching life, Sophie has the time to expand her creative talents in the fields of writing, spinning, weaving and knitting. Her favorite place to write or use her spinning wheel is in the Mineral King Valley and she finds that she is more at home in the mountains than in town.
Sophie is already planning her next book; she wants to tell more of the story of the Loverin family and there is also a mysterious early visitor to the Kaweah canyons who needs his own book.
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