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Cutting Through To Success: Second Edition: Learning for the Leader Inside of You

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Monroe, Deborah R. (Author)
Self-Help : Motivational & Inspirational
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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"Deborah has managed to infuse thought-p more ...
"Deborah has managed to infuse thought-provoking material with her wisdom and charm. The result, a refreshing take on how to really connect and relate to people. Whether you are a leader trying to manage an organization or a parent trying to manage a household, you will benefit from this practical, easyto-follow coaching guide. It's great." Lisa Garber, M.Ed I've studied the motivational engine that drives high performance for 30 years and have a clear picture of how it works and how many cylinders it has. "Cutting Through To Success" is a superb "maintenance guide" for tuning our personal engines to peak performance. It is packed with practical advice that is delivered with honesty, humor and grace. Paul Herr, Author of Primal Management Work through Deborah's grassroots approach to honouring and strengthening the leader in you and watch your life and leadership transform. Practical magic from a magical practitioner. Sharon Lewis, Leadership Coach "Deborah has a way of connecting with her reader in her conversational tone, real-life examples and most importantly, the practical ideas that you as the reader can implement easily. I wish I had had this book 15 years ago! " Bill Benjamin, Owner and CEO, Institute for Health and Human Potential "Blending straight talk, humor, insightful questions, and powerful processes, Cutting Through offers an invaluable opportunity. This is a book to DO, and in so doing, to become stronger and more effective." Joshua Freedman, author of INSIDE CHANGE, At Heart of Leadership, and COO of As a motivational speaker, facilitator, author and coach, Deborah maintains a careful ear on what works to make behavior and pattern changes within the individual and the larger organism of a company. As a respected master practitioner in the Emotional Intelligence community, her extensive experience in corporate environments has enabled Deborah to help balance people with process for an integrated working environment. Deborah holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Behavior. Her goal is to help professionals sharpen their leadership skills and build accountability in the workplace. Ms. Monroe brings high energy and enthusiasm for change in our day to day with a unique and natural approach with engaging and motivating stories that are down to earth and humorous. Ms. Monroe's company, Ignite Achievements Int'l is located in the Hill Country, San Antonio, Texas.
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