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Die Laughing

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Oneal, Ben (Author)
Fiction : Thrillers
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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<p>On a warm summer night in ce more ...

<p>On a warm summer night in central Indiana, a surprisingly well-adjusted serial killer, and successful stand-up comedian, has come out to play.</p>

<p>The Cowboy, aka comedian Robbie Lester, suffers blackouts. He fears this Darkness, does things, bad things. During one of his dark episodes, a Killer announces his coming-out party when a body, missing nine of his ten fingertips, is placed on display. Beside the body is a cooler containing nine fingertips, not his victims, a calling card that his body count stands at ten.</p>

<p>FBI Agent Benjamin Kroh is back where he spent his childhood. As he and his team investigate, the case moves in some unforeseen directions. As their unsub continues to kill and collect trophies, Kroh’s gut tells him that they are close to stopping the highly skilled predator. Kroh must stop The Fingertip Killer before more lives are lost, including those of his family.</p>


<p>About the Author</p>

<p>Ben Oneal is the product of a barber and a telephone operator. Yes, a man who could give a close shave as well as a haircut, and a woman on the other end  of the phone, politely asking, “Number Please?” He graduated from Purdue University and made a career as a lamp designer for General Motors. While at GM, he worked with a man known as “a modern-day Bluebeard.” The man was suspected of killing his mother and two wives and was convicted of killing his third. This piqued his interest in criminal psychology, especially in the minds of serial killers. At one time, he considered a career in stand-up comedy, giving him an inside view of life in the comedy circuit. A lifelong seeker of knowledge and truth, and what he fi nds most abhorrent is a closed mind.  He still enjoys playing the game, “What If ”.</p>

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