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Violence of Action

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Brown, Bruce C. (Author)
Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Young journalist Richard Logan is not lo more ...
Young journalist Richard Logan is not long out of college when he stumbles on a CIA pot to smuggle heroin into the United States to fund secret wars in Southeast Asia. Armed only with his degree and a year of experience at a small newspaper, Logan travels to Saigon to become a war correspondent. A story he writes against the Vietnamese president leads to a warning from U.S. embassy representatives that he will lose his visa and be shipped back home if he doesn't stay away from controversial subjects.
A chance meeting with Green Beret Dave Reynard provides a turning point for Logan, who desperately needs an ally in this country where strangers are viewed with suspicion - especially those who interfere with profitable drug trafficking and might dampen morale back in the United States. Logan accompanies Reynard on a supply mission through the jungles of Vietnam, surviving a sniper attack and shelling. The streets of Cholon prove more dangerous when he receives a beating while researching GI drug use.
Will Logan be able to foil the CIA's plot and save the beautiful woman with whom he's falling in love? Or will he be forced to head 3back home without his big story? Readers will enjoy this literary thrill ride featuring the fearless Logan, who also stars in "A Long Way from Paradise," the author's first novel, set years after his adventures in "Violence of Action."
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