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Million Dollar Party: A Restaurant Memoir

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  • Ihrig, Robert Mark (Author)
  • Butherus Ihrig, Susan Jean (Author)
Biography & Autobiography : Business
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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This is the story of our lives, and t more ...

This is the story of our lives, and the drama surrounding our restaurant and bar.  We spent years engrossed in laying the groundwork, which led to our ambition getting off the ground.  

We opened Bob’s Gridiron Grille and the Pigskin Pub in Lincoln, Nebraska, known worldwide as Cornhusker country.  Totally convinced my one-of-a-kind collection of Nebraska football memorabilia would be a draw, I was dead wrong.   

This is not a how-to-book.  How could it be?  We failed.  We’re not qualified to tell anybody anything, other than what we experienced.   

Nothing turned out the way we designed; instead, our dream turned into something out of a horror story.  

In telling this cautionary tale, our intent is not to rain on anyone’s parade, only to point out a few obstacles.  

Our sincere hope is what we have shared serves a purpose.  We welcome you inside our old establishment, opening the doors one final time. 

Bob is a dreamer.  So was his father before him.  Susan, his wife, has been his love and partner for forty-six years.   

Susan and Bob were born two months apart in the same Catholic hospital in McCook, Nebraska, but never met until they entered college on music scholarships, where they were in marching band together, hung out, and got married in the days of the Vietnam War.  

Off they went, running into potholes pitfalls, and dead ends.  

They launched their plan of a lifetime in 2003, opening a restaurant and bar in the heart of Huskerland, Lincoln, Nebraska.  Their place was decorated in Bob’s lifelong collection of Cornhusker memorabilia.  

But after closing the doors and draining the beer kegs, they left town with $500 in their pockets, and headed for colorful Colorado in a run-down vehicle pulling a worn-out trailer.  

“Serves us right for throwing a Million Dollar Party!”   

Bob and Susan now reside in Parker, Colorado

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