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Bergsgaard, L. D. (Author)
Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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The pursuit of dark secrets hidden fo more ...

The pursuit of dark secrets hidden for decades beckons Special Agent Doc Martini and journalist Ann Rand to the exotic tropics of Vietnam.   Terrifying memories of the savage battlefields in the highlands return when Doc is arrested and accused of being a spy.  Murky intelligence agents emerge from the shadows to assure that at all costs the secrets never see the light of day.  While Doc negotiates for his life, Ann becomes increasingly tangled in the messy spider’s web.  What price is Doc willing to pay to survive? 

L.D. Bergsgaard is a retired Special Agent with unique experiences adding a rare dimension to  the crime story genre.

“There are many authors who dream of being cops. Few do. There are many cops who strive to write. Few can. L.D. Bergsgaard is the rare exception of a street hardened cop who can write like a poet.” 

William Henry L. D. Bergsgaard is the author of nine novels and numerous short stories. A complete biography for L.D.  Bergsgaard is available on his website at and Follow L. D. Bergsgaard on Facebook.

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