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Your Five Star Plan for Rich Bitch Status: Get Out of Debt, Stack that Paper, and Live the Life You Deserve

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Brown, Sherri (Author)
Business & Economics : Personal Finance - General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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<p>Are you a young woman who ha more ...

<p>Are you a young woman who has made money mistakes? Are your hair and nails always on point? Are your clothes, shoes and handbags the latest and greatest? Are you driving up to the nicest house in your neighborhood? It certainly looks like you have it all on the outside...but what about on the inside</p>

<p>Maybe there are cracks in your financial foundation that only you can see. Maybe you are constantly throwing away money—making poor financial choices and sacrificing your future and your family’s future in an attempt to be happy with a few trinkets. Do you seem to be getting more and more in debt? If you’ve answered ‘Yes,’ then you’ve picked up the right book.</p>

<p>Your Five-Star Plan for Rich Bitch Status: Get Out of Debt, Stack That Paper and Live the Life You Deserve has the practical, forthright advice to turn your financial messiness around and lead you to the Rich Bitch life you’re dreaming of. In Your Five-Star Plan for Rich Bitch Status, you will learn how to:/p>


* Get out of debt 

* Move beyond living paycheck to paycheck 

* Start saving more than you knew you could 

* Have it all…really!



<p>It’s time to stop holding yourself back with self-limiting thoughts and behaviors. Take it from someone who has been in your position and is now living the Rich Bitch life. It can be done. Your Five-Star Plan for Rich Bitch Status offers candid, real-life situations, financial truths and action plans to launch your journey to financial freedom. Start now.</p>

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