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Adventures in Local Politics - How leadership brought Delray Beach back

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Perlman, Jeff (Author)
Business & Economics : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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What they're saying about the author more ...

What they're saying about the author ...

"Jeff Perlman is an expert on cities. He not only understands how distinctive assets like culture can be competitive advantages but he's shown how it can be done."

Carol Colett a, noted urbanist, author of Delray's cultural plan, now with the Knight Foundation

"Mayor Perlman is unquestionably one of the best mayors in the United States, balancing vision and action in a way that can remake a city. This is not about abstract theories or white papers. It's about real-world experiences. Mayor Perlman has been on the ground, converting principles into the reality of a revitalized Delray Beach."

Sheila Redick, former vice-president of Smart City Consulting

"There are three essential traits to leadership: humility, clarity, and courage. Finding all three these days is very, very rare. Jeff Perlman has those qualities and more. We more leaders like Jeff ."

-Nancy Graham, former mayor of West Palm Beach widely credited with that city's renaissance

"Mayor Jeff Perlman was a master of new urbanism before new urbanism was cool. Through his vision and relentless focus, Mayor Perlman transformed Delray Beach into the top example of how to make a city a great place to live, work, and play."

Scott Maddox, former mayor of Tallahassee, president of the Florida League of Cities, and chair of the Florida Democratic Party

Adventures in Local Politics is the story of how one community found its way through visionary leadership and citizen engagement.

The book serves as a useful guide to all those who want to lead positive change in their community and tells the story of a former journalist turned mayor who helped advance his city's revitalization.

Delray Beach is a two-ti me All-America City that was named the "Most Fun Town" in North America by Rand McNally in 2013.

Adventures in Local Politics tells the story of how a city known as "Dullray" became a community considered a national model for smart growth and citizen engagement.

About the Author

Jeff Perlman is an entrepreneur, journalist, and civic leader. He has enjoyed a long career in business, publishing, and community service.

Passionate about leadership, entrepreneurship, and community, Mr. Perlman is a sought-after mentor, advisor, and speaker on those topics and more.

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