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Presidential Diary

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Shupe, Lewis (Author)
Political Science : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Presidential Diary reveals the personal more ...
Presidential Diary reveals the personal diary of Morton M. Monroe, who was elected president of the United States in November, 2020. It details his personal thoughts from the time shortly after the election until the latter part of August, 2021. In November, 2020 the reins of the United States government have been under the control of socialist-leaning progressives for the last twelve years. During this time several continuing substantial national problems have been left to fester and the economy is in a shambles with massive unemployment, high inflation, and an almost unmanageable national debt. President Monroe and his inner circle have a plan for how to attack these problems and realize the situation is so dire that they must act precipitously. Some of President Monroe's actions are not for the weak-kneed, faint of heart, or unimaginative. This is President Monroe's story in his own words.

Lewis Shupe spent four years at Stanford University and two years at the University of Southern California, where, through the generosity of both universities, he was awarded two degrees. After spending over four years in Texas keeping the Viet Cong out of the San Antonio area, he pursued a thirty-year career in computer systems design and programming. Included in his sojourn were eight years as an owner of a computer service company in Louisville, Kentucky, and various jobs with various companies that endured his annoying personality with differing degrees of patience. After retiring in 2001, he was enjoying enormously the two hundred rounds of golf per year he was playing, but for some reason known only to his inner child he felt a calling to write this book and rejoin the misery of doing actual work. God works in strange ways, His miracles to perform.
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