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The Insane Riddle, Code, and Secret Math Book: Riddle Busting for the Active Mind!

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  • Reddicks, Tommy (Author)
  • Reddicks, Madeline (Author)
Mathematics : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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The Insane Riddle, Code, and Secret Math Book was designed to bring out the inner genius in all of us. Whether simple or hard, riddles immediately engage the mind. This fun process of word play requires the reader to call on prior knowledge, word meaning, and context clues in order to sort out each mental puzzle. This work is a stimulating hook for the brain with adults, and a great educational tool for young learners. What makes this book unique is the addition of codes, ciphers, and mathematics. If the reader wants to know the answer to the riddle, they must take the scrambled numbers, letters, or symbols after the riddle, and decode or decipher them using mathematics. This process is achievable and addictive for anyone ages 7-70+, and is sure to grab the attention of all those who have a curiosity and passion for language arts!
Madeline Reddicks
"I think it's important for kids to be creative through languages, which are basically codes...and to see learning as fun; which it is!"
Born in Seattle, Washington, Madeline Reddicks (daughter of Tommy Reddicks) lives in Penzance, Cornwall, UK. Madeline has always had a passion for language, literacy, and linguistics. As a child, she developed an early love for codes and ciphers, and always kept a book of codes by her side. Madeline has an ongoing fascination with artistic forms of language expression. She is drawn to the beauty of symbolism, especially within Kanji, Manga, and Anime.
Madeline's favorite cipher is Pig Pen.
Tommy Reddicks
"Education is about the process of discovery, so the trick is not always providing the answer."
The father of Madeline Reddicks, Tommy Reddicks is a musician, author, and school administrator. Tommy was born in Mesa, AZ and lives in Indianapolis, IN, USA. Tommy has always had a flair for creativity, and taught music for fourteen years in public, private, and charter schools. As a school principal, he continually faces the challenge of engaging today's youth.
Growing up in Wyoming, Tommy relied on a strong imagination and a natural sense of improvisation on his way to degrees in Music Education and Administration. A student of perception, gaming, and strategy, Tommy is quietly competitive, and enjoys thinking outside the box.
Tommy's favorite cipher is Caesar's Shift. For more information on Tommy Reddicks, visit
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