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Haunted Nights at Drumheller Castle: Ethereal Quandary: A St. Charles Tall Tale

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Colaizzi, Faly (Author)
Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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A foreshadowing dream begins with an ear more ...
A foreshadowing dream begins with an earth-shattering crack of thunder, and a chain reaction of psychological consequences pushes us forward through our tumultuous journey. Struggling with his paranormal powers, Jake Eden also struggles with a looming feeling that something disturbing has taken over his mind. Jake's daunting hallucinations and creeping madness have left him idling as he peers inside the head of an untouchable madman-himself.
As Jake presses on, he opens an unforeseen gateway into another realm and is catapulted into the ominous world of Drumheller Castle beyond the grave. Jake gets caught in a tidal wave of insanity as he swings like a pendulums between the realities of the living and the dead. He is plunged into a psychological tailspin, hitting rock bottom. Believing in what lies beyond the shadows, Jake will discover his fate amid the fury of the storm.
Faly Colaizzi was born Rafaela Faly Burmeister in Chicago, Illinois, in October 1967. Her family resides in Chicagoland. The author is a descendent of the scandalous papal Borgia (Borja) family that originated in Spain and grew into great power in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in Italy. She has always had an unwavering love for castles around the world, and she travels to see them when she can. She has quite a wild imagination that never rests, making the perfect basis for her playful psychological thriller series, Nights at Drumheller Castle. The author graduated from Illinois State University in 1990 and has had a twenty-four-year sales career. She is married to Steve Colaizzi, is a mom of two amazing boys, and is an auntie. She hopes this story, written as a classic Halloween tale, will live on in hearts all over the world.
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