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The Fathers' Sins

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Parrinello, Adriana (Author)
Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Beautiful teenager Laura has known nothi more ...
Beautiful teenager Laura has known nothing but hardship, and she and her older sister, Patty, care for their baby sister as they have since their mother died four years earlier. Their illiterate father, a recovering alcoholic, finally steps up to care for his family. One day he orders them to pack to move, promising a wonderful life of riches, but in the midst of their packing, an armed man bursts into their home and opens fire. Only Laura survives the brutal attack.
Now an orphan, Laura must fight for her very survival in the wilderness. She meets a handsome young man, Tony, who seems to be the answer to her prayers. The two start as friends but fall in love. But Tony harbors dark secrets, and Laura makes the difficult decision to leave the love of her life. She spends months in foster care but eventually is adopted by John and Marlene Knight, who provide the love she needs as she tries to forget Tony.
Fate intervenes once more, and Laura faces unexpected setbacks again and again. As she tries to make sense of these tragedies and discover their source- turning to her faith and belief in God's love - she finds herself drawn into danger. Unless she can discover the truth and allow faith to step in, she must pay for the fathers' sins.
Adriana Parrinello was born into a traditional Sicilian home, the youngest of five children, all of whom live in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. She began writing a novel while in her teens but life interrupted that writing. After she married her husband, Matteo, she began to study the Bible and grow in her faith.
Adriana realized she could combine her passion for writing and her passion for Christ. With the help of Matteo, who cared for their children, she finished her first novel, The Fathers' Sins, and began its sequel. The mother of three his now completed the third novel of the series and is working on a fourth book, set before the first three. Adriana prays her stories will strengthen the faith of those who read them.
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