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Depravity Online

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Carpenter, Steve R.R. (Author)
Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Playing computer games is a way of li more ...

Playing computer games is a way of life for Steve R. R. Carpenter, a thirty-six-year-old virgin who still lives in the basement of his parents’ house. But he’s had it with all the lame multiplayer online role-playing fantasy games pumped out by gaming companies, so he decides to create one of his own. Needless to say, it’s an instant success and a moneymaker to fund his real dream: To use one billion dollars to create another game that would redefine the genre and put all its competitors out of their misery. It’s also a way to have revenge on the greedy corporate assholes who are responsible for the state the fantasy MMORPG industry is in today, which is a welcome side-effect for our protagonist.

If you never played (and stopped playing) a fantasy MMORPG before, then this book is most likely not for you. If you did, you might enjoy this fun and crazy revenge story, although if you were really pressed for time, an easy fix would be to just read a random forum rant instead …

If on the other hand you couldn’t care less about this whole MMORPG shebang, but have a friend or a relative who hasn’t read a book in as long as you can remember because he is playing MMORPGs all the time, well then this book is your best chance to make him read something again, because if he won’t read this, then there is no chance he would read anything else (strategy compendiums for online games are a thing of the past now, right?).

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