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Stoned Too

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Bergsgaard, L. D. (Author)
Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Benny, the mentally disabled custodian a more ...
Benny, the mentally disabled custodian at Grace Lutheran, is run over by a bus under circumstances witnessed by Pastor Kathy Johnson which convince her it was no accident, although the local constabulary disagree.
Grace Lutheran Church, through a calamitous blunder, is insolvent and the banker is threatening foreclosure.
A enigmatic newcomer to the village is stalking Pastor Kathy.
And as if those events weren't enough, a home delivery man turned warlock, has placed an evil curse over Kathy's head.
On her knees, Pastor Kathy prays for deliverance - perhaps a white knight to save the day and at the same time, fulfi ll her need for romance as Spring is heralded in Pelican Falls; a Minnesota lake country village just north of Sinclair Lewis' Gopher Prairie and a little south of the Cohen Brothers' Fargo.
Might the sudden arrival of summer intern, Brandon Kennedy, be the answer, in a most unexpected fashion, to Kathy's prayers?
Larry D. Bergsgaard retired after nearly thirty years in law enforcement where he served as a Special Agent with the United States Department of Treasury and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Mr. Bergsgaard is married to his lovely and faithful wife, Donna. They have two daughters. The Bergsgaards spend summers in Northern Minnesota at their lake home and glorious winters in Southern Arizona. Mr. Bergsgaard is the author of four novels and several short stories.
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