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Elite Execution: Disciplines & Insights for Extraordinary Salespeople

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Elmore, Jason (Author)
Business & Economics : Sales & Selling - General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Elite Execution: Disciplines & In more ...

Elite Execution: Disciplines & Insights for Extraordinary Salespeople was written for experienced professionals.  Jason Elmore shares practical action items and insightful concepts that have been compiled and tested during a sales career that spanned the globe, from B2B to Med Device, and resulted in top performance and accolades.  These tools and approaches were recognized as being so critical to success that Jason was awarded the opportunity to build and execute new hire sales training at one of the fastest growing divisions of the world’s largest healthcare company where he reduced average time to hit quota for new hires 50%.
Jason specializes in introducing disruptive technology to surgeons and the healthcare market.  We all know selling isn’t easy...and surgeons are some of the toughest customers. Surgeons outrank their sales representatives in just about every measure: experience, education, and income. 
Additionally, a surgeon’s decision to try something new can have life changing risks and benefits to patients.  Combine all of that with the increasing financial pressures in healthcare, increasing regulation, multiple deal-killing, stakeholders in the system, and you have a recipe for what is perhaps the most complex sales environment today.  Bottom line: WHAT WORKS HERE...WILL WORK ANYWHERE.
As you begin to learn from Jason’s proven experience, you will be
exploring many critical concepts and disciplines:
-Articulate insights, manipulate variables, replicate success,
translate it to others, and sustain your success.
-Ask the right questions without asking too many
-Re-think roleplays to become a leader among your peers
-Diagram and diagnose broken sales calls and 
capture the keys to successful sales calls
-Find a sales job that matches your skills and experience
-Understand what motivates elite sales reps to achieve the exceptional 
-Understand “walk-away power”
And more…

Go beyond earning a high income to become absolutely invaluable to your organization.  Know what works and feel confident about maximizing your current opportunity, taking the next opportunity, or moving up into leadership in the next role.  Learn the sales disciplines and insights that lead to Elite Execution.

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