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Jenny and the Hummingbird Faeries

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Zales, S.R. (Author)
Juvenile Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Jenny Mirland, an eleven year old 'runt' more ...
Jenny Mirland, an eleven year old 'runt' of a tomboy, is chosen by the Hummingbird Faeries to defend their ancient home hidden in the hills of Catalina Island. She must find the source of the deadly Black Globs that invade the Faeries magnificent crystal encrusted 'Chine' while stopping the ravages of the Blood Blossom Trees from destroying her islands fragile ecology. One dark -magic man stands in her way, the sinister Dex Cobben.
In her amazing quest she is aided by her shaggy pet cat, Ms. Po, who instructs her in the ways of magic. Jenny soon discovers her own identity as a White Witch. In this wondrous journey Jenny, Ms. Po, the Faerie Pim and Hummingbird Rhen, risk all to thwart Cobben's evil plan. Victorious in one battle, Jenny must overcome her deepest fear to confront the last Black Glob. In a fierce fight a tragic loss shocks Jenny - and a surprise secret is revealed.

S.R. Zales was born in Cleveland, Ohio. At the age of five he arrived by train in California where he now resides. A graduate of Loyola University, his greatest experience was duplicating Huck Finn's raft adventure on the Mississippi River. Work, marriage, two children and numerous pet cats occupied his life as he wrote every day. He developed this book with his six grand children and twelve great nieces and nephews in mind.

"Writing a fantasy novel for a young person, like my grand-kids, was exciting but most of all - fun."

He is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBW) and Independent Writers of Southern California (IWSC) He is on Facebook at Stan Zales.
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