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Fighting Bob Shuler of Los Angeles

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Shuler, Robert (Author)
Biography & Autobiography : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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"In the 1920s and '30s when 'Fighting Bo more ...
"In the 1920s and '30s when 'Fighting Bob' Shuler spoke, Los Angeles listened. He was the first of the great radio ministers, and his weekly pronouncements over his station, KGEF, hit with the impact of eight Richter points epicentered under City Hall-at which they were usually aimed. For better or worse, the Reverend Robert Pierce Shuler was a giant in this city, and we're not about to see the likes of him again." Bruce Henstell, Los Angeles Magazine, 1977 "At one time 600,000 southern Californians listened to him, and another million followed his trail of accusations through the daily papers. Politicians feared him, criminals avoided him, policemen hated him, newspapers deplored him, ministers preached against him, and City Hall trembled before him. Nobody spoke well of him except the public. The worker of this near-miracle was Robert Pierce Shuler, reformer, lecturer, radio voice, minister of the gospel, and, as he once put it, 'one of God's watchmen on the walls of the city.' He made himself master of Los Angeles to an extent unmatched before or since." Ray Duncan, Los Angeles Magazine, 1964 Robert Shuler III, grandson and namesake of Bob Shuler, has provided a personal insight into the life, courage, and influence of this one-of-a-kind man. Based on personal family experience, original documents, newspaper accounts and oral histories, as well as Robert Shuler's writings, both published and unpublished, this book contains a treasure trove of information and stories about Shuler's life that bring alive the character and charm of this great man. As an added bonus, one captures an intriguing glimpse into the climate and history of the Los Angeles of Shuler's time.
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