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It's My Life and I'll Cry if I Want Too: The Diary of a Bipolar Woman

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Holmes, Kimberly D. (Author)
Psychology : Mental Health
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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“Sometimes the content is shock more ...

“Sometimes the content is shocking … the sheer passion behind Holmes’ outrageous but genuine statements …”   

-Kirkus Reviews


It’s My Life and I’ll Cry If I Want Too: The Diary of a Bipolar Woman is a riveting account of one woman’s journey through mental illness.  It’s about the valleys that Kimberly Holmes endured and the mountains that she climbed in order to understand herself and her illness.  Kimberly chronicles her tumultuous confrontations with death and heartening resolutions in finding the will to live.  She recounts her relationships and there most chaotic outcomes.  Kimberly writes openly about her promiscuity, drug abuse, criminal history, and insight into her battle with bipolar disorder—a mental disease that nearly destroyed her life. Kimberly’s personal account of her mental illness reveals a stark, realistic view of the disease so that her readers may understand its magnitude.


Kimberly Holmes was born in Detroit, Michigan. When she was nine years old, she moved with her parents  to San Diego, California. At fifteen, she and her siblings were placed in the state’s foster-care system. Despite her difficult childhood, Kimberly graduated from high school and acquired a position with the federal government. At twenty-eight—after the birth of her son—she was diagnosed with clinical depression; three years later, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Today Kimberly is first and foremost an African American mental-health advocate, as well as a part-time psychology student, mental-health outreach speaker, companion, and mother to a son who also struggles with mental illness. Kimberly, an inspiring writer, hopes to someday become a motivational speaker.

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