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The Journey Through Cancer: How to Lose 25 lbs. Without Diet or Exercise, and Be Cancer Free in 8 Months

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Serritella, Jim (Author)
Self-Help : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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The ER doctor said, "Let's take a che more ...

The ER doctor said, "Let's take a chest x-ray just to be safe." The results were simple, the sentence easily stated, and the next time period of life was about to be defined. "There is a white spot on the top right lung. You'd better have your doctor look at this!" That spot turned out to be lung cancer, and with that diagnosis Jim and Betty Serritella began a journey of tests and treatment on the road to becoming cancer-free.

Fighting and winning the battle with cancer is a long and arduous process. You need a team of doctors and nurses you can trust, friends and loved ones to provide support, and lots of prayer. The Journey Through Cancer is a road map of the process Jim and Betty followed to battle Betty's lung cancer. Jim wrote this book to help provide guidance for those on their own cancer journey, especially the caregivers and patient advocates, and to share lessons they learned along the way.

" The Journey is a heartfelt personal account of struggle through the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of cancer. This book is not an oncology textbook written by a medical expert. This is a user's guide written by an experienced caregiver intended to help other patients, caregivers and "team members" get a better understanding and insight into this most challenging process."

Dr. Neil Farber, MD, PhD, Associate. Professor

" This book offers great spiritual, medical and practical guidance for the cancer patient, caregiver, relative of patient, friend of patient, and those working on the patient's prayer chain. Please read it, and remember how each of us being treated need those daily naps, good nights of sleep, and the knowledge that our loved ones are in our corner at all times, supporting our effort to battle the disease, with prayer, good wishes, humor and the occasional good meal."

Cancer survivor - Daniel M. Gray, Attorney at Law, Falls Church, VA

Jim Serritella is veteran of the US Air Force, and he spent more than fifty years in the world of systems, computers, and consulting. He is a life member of the Disabled American Veterans, the American Legion Post 171 of Damascus, Maryland, and a fourth degree Knight of Columbus. His advice for those going through the cancer journey: Don't stop asking questions. And don't forget to pray for help and understanding in fi ghting a battle you cannot win alone.

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