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You Might Be A Psychedelic Chaosatanist If...

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Olvera, A. J. (Author)
Humor : Topic - Adult
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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You Might Be a Psychedelic ChaoSatani more ...

You Might Be a Psychedelic ChaoSatanist If… 

is an illustrated book of political, adult humor that addresses the ethical shortcomings of organized religion through a critical, counterculture lens. It is comprised of 41 pithy remarks, which characterize this seemingly radical position in such a way that open-minded readers may find themselves sympathetic – especially in these times of great moral crisis and postmodern confusion.

The persistent hypocrisy of religion has served only to despoil their chosen icons. To say one prefers “Satan” to the outdated offerings of Christianity is to engage in a form of protest behavior. The icons of light have been emptied, subverted, sullied, leaving us only humor and the icons of darkness with which to mount a defense. Tapping into the zeitgeist of Generation X counterculture and its progeny, the writing references psychedelic drugs, Chaos Magick, Kink/Cosplay, atheists, art, science and the failings of organized religion.

The droll one-liners and charming illustrations offer a sympathetic framing of this unusual metaphysical subculture. You Might Be a Psychedelic ChaoSatanist If… is both broad jest and a coherent personal manifesto.

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