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Lessons from Neverland

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Hull Gallemore, Melissa (Author)
Biography & Autobiography : Personal Memoirs
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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<p>As Lessons from Neverland opens more ...
<p>As Lessons from Neverland opens, a warm Southwestern breeze suggests that we are in for a peaceful ride. Yet with each bend in the road, the reader finds the journey increasingly more unexpected and exhilarating.</p> <p> This gripping memoir introduces us to a remarkable woman who has had to endure the most terrible tragedy any mother can face. And just when we begin to believe our heroine has made it safely to the other side, we are drawn into a mystery that culminates in another type of tragedy altogether.</p> <p>The fact that the author emerges in tact, inspired and on a mission to use her losses and life experiences to inspire, guide, and coach others is nothing short of miraculous. Most women would have crumbled under the extreme stress and strain. But then, most women don't have their own personal Peter Pan and his Lessons from Neverland guiding them through life.</p> <p></p> <p>Melissa Hull Gallemore is the co-host of The Hollywood Entrepreneur Show, partner of ICON Builder Media and inspirational speaker who shares her message worldwide. She uses her own life experiences to coach and mentor others through the bereavement process. </p> <p>The author believes that every person is given a life filled with varying degrees of pain or trauma. "That pain or trauma can either be embraced or rejected," she says. "And this is what I know to be true: the choice to embrace and learn from your pain is the harder choice but it is also where the wisdom of life takes hold."</p> <p>Melissa is a proud mother of three wonderful children, one of whom now lives in Neverland. When she isn't socializing with friends and loved ones, she enjoys working out and painting. </p>
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