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What a Man Really Wants to Say About Relationships

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Riggins, J. (Author)
  • Self-Help : General
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS : Marriage & Long-Term Relationships
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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<p>We all have relationship iss more ...

<p>We all have relationship issues of some type. Many of us have endured breakups after long marriages or severed ties with someone after a lengthy relationship, but are we actually insightful enough to understand why this occurred? Some individuals never seem to find a happy relationship no matter who they date or pursue. Most of us want companionship and affection, and in ‘What A Man Really Wants To Say’, the author attempts to explain why relationships fail and steps we can take to improve our ability in sustaining lifelong partnerships.</p>

<p>Maybe we take our spouse or partner for granted and don’t even realize it. We get comfortable, let ourselves go a little, don’t put as much effort into our appearance, and then expect that our partner should still be as excited by us as they used to be. We also tend to believe rumors regarding our partners and become suspicious, a definite hazard to relationships no matter how long a history two people have. In ‘What A Man Really Wants To Say’, we learn how to determine fact from fiction when it comes to our friends and family telling us things about our significant other, how to keep the spark alive in our relationship, how to manage money effectively and how to begin a path to a lifetime of happiness.</p>

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