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Alaska Highway Flight Log: A Classic Air Journey: South Carolina to Fairbanks in a 1956 Cessna

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Walker, William S. (Author)
  • Transportation : Aviation - General
  • Travel : Essays & Travelogues
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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<p>Flying To Alaska—A Cro more ...

<p>Flying To Alaska—A Cross-Continent Adventure</p><p> 

Join writer and pilot William S. Walker on one of general aviation’s most revered long-distance trips—a flight to Alaska. Walker writes, “Alaska is one of those ultimate journeys for aviators from the Lower 48 because it takes most of them completely out of their comfortable environments, not for just a four-hour stint or for a few days, but for weeks or longer.  We were in the air 74 hours, flying more than 7,000 miles in a 59-year-old Cessna. It was probably the longest flying trip I will ever undertake and perhaps the best I will ever fly, although I hope there is even better to come.” </p><p> 

Alaska Highway Flight Log is Walker’s personal daybook of the trip with distances, maps, airport identifiers and, foremost, his personal observations on the flying trip of a lifetime. </p><p> </p><p>  

William Walker is a senior writer for the national publication General Aviation News. He is an instrument-rated private pilot who has flown his 1956 tailwheel Cessna 172 on story assignments throughout the Southeast during 15 years with G.A. News. Walker is the author of outdoor books on long-distance river paddling, Alpine skiing and adventure travel and has written and edited for newspapers and magazines in the United States and Europe. </p>

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