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Christian Baptism: The Sign and Seal of God's Covenant Promise

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McDowell, Bruce A. (Author)
Religion : Christianity - General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
God's Word Publishing
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In this meticulously referenced text, more ...

In this meticulously referenced text, Dr. McDowell examines how God has progressively revealed himself through his eternal covenant to his people, culminating in Christ and the sending of the Holy Spirit. He helps us understand how baptism is God’s sign and seal of his new covenant with us through Christ and how it relates to our salvation.

Viewing the whole Bible in its historical, biblical, and theological context, Dr. McDowell explores baptism from every theological perspective. He takes us through the purpose and meaning of baptism as well as its mode, which clearly exemplifies our purification from sin, in-filling with the Holy Spirit, and union with Christ.


“…a penetrating study of baptism that will benefit church leaders and lay people alike. ...Should be widely read and taught in the church.” Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr., Third Millennium Ministries, President 


“…a book you need to read but that will also bring you blessing as you do—no matter how much you already know. This one is solid theologically, challenging us to be biblical on every issue; it is global… it is startlingly pastoral.” Dr. D. Clair Davis, Emeritus Professor of Church History, Westminster Seminary 


“In this comprehensive book, he applies biblical wisdom—based on a lifetime of personal reflection—to the systematic theology and pastoral practice of Christian baptism….” Dr. Philip G. Ryken, President, Wheaton College, author and Bible expositor

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