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Timeless Truth: Inspirational Poetry for Life's Journey

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Sayers Werner, Pamela (Author)
Religion : Christian Life - Devotional
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
God's Word Publishing
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Everyone longs for freedom, the weightle more ...
Everyone longs for freedom, the weightless feeling of "the sky's the limit" and getting into bed at the end of the day with a smile, while drifting off to sleep contentedly. But how does someone break free from the negative things in life that lead to captivity and feeling trapped, immobilized, and ineffective in experiencing a joyful, peaceful, and fulfilled life?
Pamela Sayers Werner knows the pain of a heavy heart but had an epiphany that changed everything: she let God truly love her, opening her heart to His truth. This revelation of truth led Pamela to discover Freedom's Formula, a solution to life's trouble with four simple but profound aspects: Knowing God - getting to know Him one-on-one through reading the Bible and communicating through prayer. This lays the foundation for the rest of the formula.
Loving God - recognizing the sacrifi ce He made for the world, and living in a way that pleases Him.
Trusting God - having confi dence to trust all things work together through His plan, even when His plan is hard to understand.
Obeying God - doing whatever He says because of faith and love, even when it's scary or painful, and acknowledging the need for a Savior.
Through her poetry, Pamela shows that believers who commit to Jesus Christ can gain the power of living the life of overcomers, unleashing the power of the Holy Spirit to be true Christian warriors. These warriors, drawing on the power from God and using their gifts, will fulfill their God-given destiny.
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