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My '70s Book: The "When I Was A Kid..." Book For The Generation That Grew Up In The '70s

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Sherman, Darryll (Author)
Biography & Autobiography : Personal Memoirs
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Do you sometimes find yourself longing f more ...
Do you sometimes find yourself longing for “the good old days”? Do you laugh at yourself for even thinking this because – after all – you’re not even 50 yet? And - upon seeing some of the things the kids of today have, or when you see how easy they have it, do you catch yourself thinking out loud “When I was a kid…” only to cover your mouth in horror as you realize that you sound just like your parents? Do you feel a jolt of… you’re not sure what… when you realize that you’re thinking of the ’70s? How good things were in the ’70s? Join the author as he recounts his own experiences growing up in this avocado green and burnt orange decade. The things we had and the things we didn’t have; the things we took for granted and what family life was like in those years. Remember the music, the movies, the cars, the toys, the fashions, and so much more as your sentimental recollections play once again before you like a worn out 8mm movie in your mind. We were kids in the ’60s, teens in the ’70s, and now we’re almost 50. This is a humorous, nostalgic, pensive, and fun-filled look at what it was like to grow up in this generation. Try to keep up with the fun as you revisit your childhood memories, and don’t be surprised if you, like the author, find yourself longing once again for “the good old days.” DARRYLL SHERMAN lives in Pullman, Washington with his wife and their two children. He is a licensed Architect and works at Washington State University. He also has his own business designing private residences in the greater Palouse area. He is a pianist, songwriter and singer and is involved in the music department at his local church. Growing up in beautiful western Washington, Darryll attributes his appreciation of nature to the many family vacations spent in the Cascades and the surrounding areas. His interests also include carpentry, gardening, fishing, hiking, racquetball and art.
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