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A Sense of Comfort For You and Your Loved Ones

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Nelson, Frank L. (Author)
Family & Relationships : Aging - General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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None of us like thinking of encountering more ...
None of us like thinking of encountering illness, injury or our inevitable death, yet we must provide our loved ones with the information they need to handle a myriad of required actions should one of these scenarios occur. Because our families will be stressed enough, we mustn't leave them in the dark, digging to find important documents and information in order to take care of our needs and wishes.

Advanced planning is imperative to ensure that your wishes are carried out. We can never know for sure when decisions will have to be made on our behalf, so we must plan in advance who will make those decisions for us, and then provide clear instructions to guide them in that task. This workbook will help you provide that guidance, and give you and your loved ones a sense of comfort in difficult times.

The purpose of this workbook is threefold:
• to help you organize your personal affairs in case you die or become incapacitated;
• to provide important information and guidance to those who will tend to your affairs; and
• to give you peace in knowing that your planning will bring comfort and help to your loved ones in a difficult time.

The workbook is organized into three parts:
This section helps you to organize important details about your personal affairs. Included are detailed forms to record personal information that your loved ones may need.

This section provides a detailed outline of the steps your representative needs to take to handle your affairs. The information you provide in Part I: Getting Prepared, coupled with key information in this part will clearly identify what he or she needs to accomplish on your behalf.

This is additional information to assist your representative in making informed decisions. Included is a glossary of possibly unfamiliar terms used throughout the workbook, as well as important resources that may be helpful.

The workbook is intended for anyone who has concerns about dying or becoming incapacitated, and who has not yet prepared clear instructions to assist someone to act on their behalf. Primarily this includes senior citizens, couples with children, military members who may be deployed to dangerous locales, individuals who are terminally ill, folks with debilitating medical conditions, adult children with aging parents, and essentially any and all of those who want to ensure that their personal affairs are in order.

"The organization is wonderful. Very easy and straightforward. Generally well thought out, lots of information, good format."
Gary Altman, Attorney at Law, Altman & Associates
Voted "Top Lawyer" by Washingtonian

"Frank has put together an outstanding guide for every person to use. Just by spending the time to complete this document you are giving your loved ones a gift...a gift that will only become apparent after you are gone. Instead of requiring your heirs to spend countless hours to settle your estate, this document will serve as a step by step guide and will make their efforts so much quicker and easier. I have witnessed firsthand how settling an estate can become a signi cant burden on the daily lives of spouses and children."
Robert Gerstemeier, MBA, CFP®, NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor,
Gerstemeier Financial Group, LLC
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