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Larson, Judith (Author)
Medical : Alternative Medicine
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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You have been diagnosed with cancer! Wha more ...
You have been diagnosed with cancer! What now? You know that the medical solution of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are your next steps. Are there other approaches to healing from cancer? Do they work? Are they scientifically validated? You have seen countless oncologists and they all say the same thing-surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. This book will open your eyes about another approach to healing from cancer. Through Judy Larson's personal experience with Stage 3 breast cancer, she reveals her success program. Even though she is not a medical doctor, her program is scientifically based. She discovered characteristics of the cancer cell that are not commonly known. This knowledge was used to fight the disease.

Judith Larson is a conservative Christian woman, blessed by God and humbled by His miracles. After a diagnosis of Stage 3 breast cancer, she realized she had no knowledge or experience with cancer. Like most people, she assumed she had to go through the medical protocols of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. After going through the surgeries to biopsy and remove a lump under her arm, she had time to research chemotherapy and radiation. The serious side effects of both chemotherapy and radiation made no sense to her. She learned that she could cure herself with a change in diet and lifestyle. She has remained cancer free for 16 years. She lives in Southern California with her husband, daughter and granddaughter.

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