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Crimson Arrows: A Bowhunting Odyssey

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Yehyawi, Eyad (Author)
Sports & Recreation : Hunting - General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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Crimson Arrows: A Bowhunting Odyssey, is written from the heart and soul of a bowhunter. Spanning three decades of his adventures, Eyad Yehyawi takes you through the emotions, heartbreaks, and successes from his earliest years in Iowa, to physically and psychologically challenging backcountry hunts in Alaska and Canada, to a breathtaking African safari. Every setback and missed opportunity is revealed, along with the rewards earned through hard work and perseverance. Through these 27 stories, Eyad defines his passion for the outdoors, including the disappointments and mishaps, sleepless nights and tears, and a few instances where death comes calling. With intense descriptions of his surroundings, animal behavior, and imposing weather conditions, Eyad engages all of your senses as you share his adventures. Whether you long for giant whitetails and spring gobblers, are passionate to pursue mountain goats and moose in Alaska, dream of wading across the tundra for caribou, hope to stalk musk oxen in the Arctic, or aspire to trail a horse-killing cougar in the mountains of Alberta, you’ll find stories here to inspire you.


As editor for Bowhunter magazine, I read thousands of manuscripts, and above all I loved discovering a nugget among the dozens of new writers who submitted manuscripts. Eyad Yehyawi was one of those. From the beginning, he wrote well and exuded enthusiasm for bowhunting.

In his book, Crimson Arrows: A Bowhunting Odyssey, Yehyawi details his beginnings and growth as a bowhunter. He starts with whitetails and turkeys in his home state of Iowa and progresses to black bears, pronghorns, mule deer, elk, caribou, musk oxen, bison, and other species. All hunters can relate to his progression as a bowhunter and will find his stories compelling and fun to read.

Dwight Schuh 

Former Editor, Bowhunter magazine and Member of the Bowhunters Hall of Fame 

About the Author 

Eyad H. Yehyawi has been bowhunting for nearly thirty years, traveling across the United States, Canada, and Africa. A naturalist long before he was a bowhunter, Eyad’s passion for the outdoors dates as far back as he can remember. While majoring in biology at Quincy University, he worked in conservation and wildlife management before deciding to pursue interests in health care. Many of these stories and photos have appeared in magazines including Bow & Arrow Hunting, Bowhunter, Bowhunt America, and Outdoor Life. Eyad currently lives in Iowa with his wife and children, where he practices optometry.

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