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The Inheritance

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Smith, George E. (Author)
FICTION / Historical / General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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At the turn of the century, England i more ...

At the turn of the century, England is enjoying unparalleled success as a world power. One blemish however is its involvement in the Boer War in South Africa. The unexpected death of a British army officer begins a chain of events that involves a young woman aristocrat in England and the ranch manager of a huge cattle ranch in Arizona, U.S.A. Lady Caroline is a beautiful, well educated woman about to become sole heir to a prosperous ranch and adjoining copper mine. But, Sir Geoffrey Morely's will also gives Ken Battle, the ranch manager a significant portion of the property. Significant in that it contains the water source for the Morely ranch,and surrounding community. Lady Caroline has mulled over her father's generosity to Mr. Battle as she prepares to visit America, but cannot come up with an answer to why he decided on this action.

When the will is read in the lawyers offi ce in Rock Springs, Ken Battle is equally surprised to learn of his good fortune. The gift of land, water and cattle is beyond his most optimistic expectations. Would he continue to work for Lady Caroline at the Triple R or would she bring in her own team from England? How is Sam Welton of the nearby Circle W ranch going to react to Ken being in control of water supply? He's already an antagonistic neighbor.

George E. Smith has worked as a field geologist, engineer selling alloying ingredients to steel makers and as a business executive with profit responsibility in the mining and metals field. Well traveled in Mexico, Canada, South Africa and Norway, he retired from Union Carbide after twenty-five years of service to begin a new career, moving to Arizona.

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