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The World From Outside Its Box

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Lang, Brent (Author)
Self-Help : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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<p>The World from Outside Its Box takes an in-depth look at what many of us do not consider as we get caught up in our everyday routines, our collection of thoughts and emotions that wrap us up into what we think is our reality. The World from Outside Its Box is exactly that, a world from outside its box.</p> <p> Brent Lang takes the reader on a journey outside our world to religious tolerance, racial equality, and communication utopia while never reaching to bias the reader. The end of each chapter reaches for the pinnacle, the harmony that each one of us holds ourselves, and, as a result, each other from.</p> <p>The World from Outside Its Box takes us through many emotional adventures, culminating into the powerful metaphor that we are all divided because of our own reactions, attitudes, and behaviors, and that the issues humans face in the twenty-fi rst century are not because of any outside forces, but because of what is within. While this may be nothing radically different from what any of us should already know, the angle the author takes is something completely different from anything you have read. The only way to grasp the true measure of the messages within is to venture the journey for yourself. If you are ready, your reality will change! </p>
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