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Where the Dogs Go

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Martin, Janell (Author)
  • Pets : Dogs - General
  • Body, Mind & Spirit : Spiritualism - General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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“[Where the Dogs Go] is about e more ...

“[Where the Dogs Go] is about eternal love, friendship, and the powerful human-canine bond …” – Kirkus Reviews

We have all heard about the “Rainbow Bridge,” but often wonder what it is like.

Do animals just sit and wait for their earthly families? Do they run and play together until we get there? Is there perhaps something more to their lives in the next universe while they hope to see us again? Do they reconnect with animals they have known on earth? These are some of the many questions we ponder when one of our beautiful fur friends leaves this world and moves on to the next.

Where the Dogs Go brings a new take on this age-old question and lets us not only explore how animals bond with us here on earth, but provides an entertaining concept of what they may do in the next realm. In a loving, beautiful and sometimes heart-breaking tale, we can see from a dog’s perspective how they feel about their earthly owners/friends and what they might go through while questioning the mysteries of the universe and how all of us, humans and animals, are connected through strong and loving bonds.

Growing up on a farm in rural Canada, author Janell Martin could have never imagined she would live her adult life in Los Angeles. When the first grade teacher fell in love with an American, her life took a turn south— literally—when she followed her heart and relocated to The United States. Her sneakers had barely crossed the US border when she found herself dumped, and alone, in a strange new world. Strange became surreal when she fell into Hollywood, changing her profession and building a career as a personal assistant to celebrities. Along the way she gained a new family of friends, the most important being a little dog named Canoli, who found his way into her heart and changed her life forever. Canoli became the muse for her first novel, Where the Dogs Go, a heartfelt love story written as a tribute to him.

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