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If You Think Somebody's Out to Get You

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Brown, Bruce C. (Author)
Fiction : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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After a series of misadventures in Baja, more ...
After a series of misadventures in Baja, Calif., leaves him with PTSD, Richard Logan learns the son of a man he killed has put out a contract on him. Now retired from Newsview Magazine, Logan writes historical novels and raises flowers for co-op on an eight-acre farm in Maui, quietly battling his inner demons and living life on his own terms.

This longtime adventurer readers first met in "A Long Way from Paradise" can't seem to stay out of trouble. After picking his friend and tenant Lester up from the airport, the two men check on a vacant house Lester manages. They are surprised to discover the bodies of the owner and his beautiful young companion, killed by a trained professional. In the next two weeks, two more men meet death in Maui. State police, thinking they might attract the killer, name Logan as a witness to the first two murders.

The hired killer doesn't fall for the trap, but Logan's name rings a bell. When she leaves the island, she researches his name and learns someone wants Logan dead. The cold-blooded killer returns to Maui to earn the $250,000 herself. Logan and his new love find themselves in the path of danger during a series of near misses with the hired killer and her allies, ending in a hair-raising shootout.

Writer and photographer Bruce Brown is an avid diver, sailor, surfer and rower. He studied Asian history at the University of Southern California and live in Pebble Beach, Calif. Brown is a former West Coast editor of Sailing World magazine and has written four nonfiction books, including "Open Water Rowing Handbook." This is the third novel for Brown, who also wrote "A Long Way from Paradise" and "Violence of Action."
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