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Quality in High-Volume Electronics Design: Manufacturing and Deployment

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Mody, Vino (Author)
Business & Economics : General
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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<p>“There is no questioni more ...

<p>“There is no questioning Vino’s expertise in the Quality arena. His book is a refreshing look at Quality and ‘Doing-it-Right’ the first time by building it into the product development life cycle versus testing it out.”</p>


 Adrian O’Leary</p>

<p> Comcast Cable</p>

<p> Senior Vice President of Quality </p>


<p>“This book not only gives you a lot of analytical methods to improve quality but just as important gives you a template on how to engage upper management and all functions in the organization to really make a giant step forward in improving quality throughout the organization.”</p>

<p> Dwight Duke</p>

<p> Senior Vice President, Scientific Atlanta /Cisco</p>


<p> “Vino Mody has captured a lifetime of practical advice in this book. I have spent forty years as a researcher, a supplier/manufacturer, and a large customer (my capital budget was $6B US a year), and I learned a number of new things reading this volume which will go directly to use in my new company. Vino mentions the theoretical side of quality, so you can study the source of the theory if you want, but the value here is his hands-on experience. The theory is tied together by example and lessons learned. It is one thing to hear that good quality needs to be designed in, but it is another to hear examples of how it was, and wasn’t over the years. Everyone who aspires to be a leader, from the production line supervisor and the service provider installer, the designers of these products, to the CEOs of their companies - anyone who wants to please a customer in the high-volume electronics space - will learn from reading this book.”</p>

<p> David Fellows</p>

<p> CTO and cofounder, Layer3TV | Former CTO, Comcast Cable</p>

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