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Saving America: Recovering America's Conservative Heritage and Traditional Values

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  • Wood, John (Author)
  • John Wood, (Author)
Political Science : Political Ideologies - Democracy
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
Dog Ear Publishing, LLC
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America is on the brink of disaster, det more ...
America is on the brink of disaster, deteriorating into a polarized country that seems bent on its own destruction - a hollow shell of what it was just decades ago. The country unfailingly moves further from the Constitution every year. Its once-conservative Capitalist government has morphed into a failed liberal Socialist government hopelessly out of control. Conservative Judeo-Christian morals and values, and the free-market system are being trampled by people working within the country and government itself - breaking down all the Founding Fathers hoped to achieve.
Author John Wood, a staunch patriot, presents his vision - and what he considers the only workable solution - for fellow conservative and Christian Americans that will solve the many problems facing the country as radicals stay busy trying to transform it into their version of a Socialist state that in reality is bankrupt financially, morally, and spiritually. Politicians who pander to conservative causes in election years seem incapable or unwilling to fix what is broken when votes are not at stake, so conservatives must take action now before society completely breaks down.
Mr. Wood's solution calls for drastic steps that he believes are necessary; giving everyone the chance to live in a country of their own making that upholds their cherished beliefs and values. Those who rally to his flag can help put right what has gone wrong, curing the country of its malignant cancer that springs from within.
Author John Wood is a lifelong God-fearing, conservative American and a full-time student of U.S. politics. He and his wife, Suzanne, have been married 24 years. He believes that America is being brought to ruin from within by cancerous elements in its citizenry and government, and he's speaking out before time runs out to implement a cure for what's destroying the country he loves.
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